Are Stand-Up Desks Really Any Healthier for Office Workers?

  Standing desks or stand-up desks are not a new fad. They’ve been around since at least the time of Benjamin Fra nklin, the founding father who used one over two hundred years ago. However, there remains a great deal of controversy regarding the benefits and drawbacks of stand-up desks. A number of sources agree […]

Look Who Else Uses Chiropractic Care: Ironman Triathletes

Regarded as one of the most difficult endurance sporting events in the world, the Ironman Triathlon motto is “Swim 2.4 miles! Bike 112 miles! Run 26.2 miles! Brag for the rest of your life.” Since 1978, when the first Ironman Triathlon was held in Kon a, on the Big Island of Hawaii, dozens more have […]

More Good News About Walking: It’s Good for Lower Back Pain Too!

Lower back pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal complaints. It’s also one of the most common reasons that people visit their doctor or chiropractor. An estimated 60-80 percent of the population will experience low back pain at some point in their lives. But luckily, exercise can help prevent or alleviate the condition, and a […]

Power Vibe- Benefits

What Are “Posture Aids” and When Should You Consider Them?

Many people spend hours each day sitting at a desk, which has led to large parts of the  population developing bad posture and subsequent back and neck pain. Poor posture is actually the most common cause of low back pain, and there’s no doubt that sitting for prolonged periods is a major contributor. However, unless […]

What Does it Mean to Be “Double Jointed” and is it Dangerous?

If you have ever seen a contortionist in a circus or know someone who can bend their thumb back far enough to touch their wrist, you have seen an example of someone who is double-jointed.  However, the term “double-jointed” is actually something of a misnomer, since the super-flexible person you saw most likely has the […]

Medical Study PROVES: “Nerve Pressure LEADS To DISEASED ORGANS

This is something I think you’ll want to read.      If you have any children, grandchildren, or even just friends, you need to read this handout. I’m not sure I’ve told you this or not, but it’s important enough that it bears repeating.   This is a factual study that explains in simple terms […]

The Latest on Treating Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative disc disease (DDD) is a very common medical condition that affects a large and growing portion of the population.  In fact, the low back pain that often accompanies DDD is the leading cause of disability in people under age 45.  DDD has long been recognized as a difficult condition to treat, and many patients […]

Low Back Pain and Chiropractic

Low Back Pain and Chiropractic Low back pain (LBP) is a very common disorder and is often described as dull ache or sharp pain, felt below the waist, sometimes running down one or both legs. Low back pain can come from sudden movement or injury from heavy physical work, lifting or forceful movement, bending or […]