Did You Know…

   About 7 percent of pregnant women develop abnormalities in their insulin production and blood glucose levels and are considered to have “gestational diabetes.”

Diabetes in Pregnant Women

   The condition I am talking about today can usually be managed through meal planning and physical activity, and when it is well controlled, the baby will be healthier.

   This is something adjustments can help with as well. You having a healthy nervous system.

   Although these pregnant women’s glucose and insulin levels often return to normal AFTER their pregnancy, as many as 50 percent may develop type 2 diabetes within 20 years of the pregnancy. So this handout is all about preventing diabetes as well as helping pregnant women.

   If you’re pregnant, know someone who is pregnant, or your daughter or daughter-in-law is pregnant, have them call my office immediately.

   You don’t have to be pregnant to call, but if you’re pregnant, this should be an absolute must to have a no-nonsense pregnancy. The more things you can make right, the better the delivery and the outcome. We’re here to help because we care. SIDENOTE: If you’re a female or a male and you have diabetes, call the office for a FREE CONSULTATION as well.

   You’ll be happy with the results and there is absolutely no obligation.

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